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In phase III, experts from WG 2, 3 and 4 will join WG5, which will disseminate the results obtained during Phases I and II. In particular, the following activities will be undertaken:

  • Publish original research contributions in high impact scientific journals.
  • Establish guidelines of findings for end-users and policy makers.
  • Draw-up recommendations for engineering education in universities.
  • Arrange joint national and international meetings between researchers and end-users to disseminate results from the Action.
  • Developing opportunities for taking forward the key-scientific challenges.
  • Write and issue the final report.
  • Organise Technical workshops for disseminating the findings of FloodFreq to relevant staff in operational authorities.

During this last phase of the Action the dissemination of the scientific results will reach the academic policy, and the end-users communities. The target audience for the dissemination of the results from this Action are professionals involved in flood risk management:

  • National and international operational authorities.
  • Researchers in universities and research institutes.
  • University educators.
  • Private enterprises (consultancies, utility companies, insurance and re-insurance companies).

The electronic discussion forum will play an important role in the co-ordination and work undertaken by each WG.

The technical workshops open to non-COST participants are considered an important aspect of FloodFreq and will ensure that the scientific knowledge generated during the Action will contribute to best-practice flood risk management in Europe, hence optimise the social and economic impact of the science. Note that a number of participants in FloodFreq represent institutions with operational responsibilities, thus enhancing the impact of this Action.

The Action web-site will be continuously updated throughout the Action and will provide easy access to reports on activities, progress and results. Through-out the duration of the Action, contacts will be established between the Action and both national and international flood risk managers. In the final Phase of the Action, a series of national workshops will be organised, allowing for direct dissemination of relevant results from the Action to the end-users. For the final workshop, both national and international end-users will be invited to participate.

In addition to meeting arranged specifically for this Action, scientific sessions, workshops and open-discussion forums will be organised as part of larger scientific conferences such as the General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) (held annually).

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