WG1 - Deliverables

• An inventory of flood event datasets available across Europe

• A benchmark dataset of flood events and catchment descriptors for use in FloodFreq

• A catalogue of individual well-documented case studies and associated meta-data

• A report detailing a review of existing methods for flood frequency estimation with

emphasis on general applicability across Europe.

• A summary of identified barriers towards effective data-sharing

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During the first phase, inventories of dataset and methods for flood frequency estimation will be compiled. A review of existing methods will be undertaken to assess general applicability by considering: data requirements, flexibility for general use and uncertainty of predictions. An inventory of flood event data availability in Europe will be compiled, containing peak flow data and both catchment and climatological descriptors. FloodFreq will use the Catchment Characteristics and Modelling (CCM2) river and catchment database v2.0, as well as the pan-European EU-FLOOD-GIS hydrometeorological database held at the EC Joint Research Centre (JRC) to derive a consistent set of catchment descriptors for all European catchments used in this study. Also, a representative sample of well documented case-studies (test beds) will be compiled to facilitate more detailed investigations of flood hydrology in individual catchments.

It is expected that commercial interests, intellectual property rights (IPR) and other practical problems might restrict or even prevent access to certain datasets in some countries and regions. In such cases, the identification of such obstacles will be regarded as an important contribution of FloodFreq towards a more integrated European flood risk management policy.


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WG1 PowerPoint presentation of M. Lang (28 oct. 2010)


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Minutes of WG1 group

28 October – 29 October 2010


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