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Benefits of the Action

The main focus of FloodFreq is on scientific and technological issues of flood frequency estimation. However, being an applied science the results delivered by the Action will impact on European flood risk management, thus provide tangible societal and economic benefits.

01Scientific and
technological benefits

The scientific benefits will include:

  • Creation of a pan-European dataset which will provide a unique opportunity to study regional flood hydrology without the constraints on data availability and heterogeneity imposed by national boundaries.
  • Improved knowledge of the performance of different methods for flood frequency estimation across Europe.
  • An assessment of the potential benefits (and pit-falls) of using more sophisticated process-based modelling (rainfall-runoff modelling) over direct statistical analysis of peak flow data.
  • Development of tools for predicting the effect of environmental change (including climate change) on the occurrence and characteristics of extreme flood events through-out Europe.

The technological benefits will include:

  • Improved consistency of design flood estimates on a European scale.
  • Guidance for consulting engineers on the use of design discharge estimation methods.
  • Suggestions for the improvement of engineering education curricula in flood hazard assessment.

02Societal and
Economic benefits

The occurrence of extreme floods has always been a peril to human society. For example, the annual average flood damage in Europe in the last few decades is about € 4 Billion per year, and between 1998-2004 alone Europe experienced more than 100 major floods resulting in some 700 fatalities.

The availability of accurate methods for flood frequency estimation is an important part of optimal design and operation of hydraulic infrastructure (dams, levees, flood alleviation channels, culverts etc.). Thus, improved methods that allow assessment of the effect of environmental change are important components in flood risk management, and the improved advice is likely to reduce the expected annual flood damage in Europe through better preparedness and flood management.

The new knowledge on the predictive powered of numerous methods on a European scale will contribute to the openness of the consulting engineering market by enabling consultants to be more competitive in Europe in regional flood protection project tender bits.

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