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Achievements of the objectives

The specific objectives have been carefully designed to be both achievable and realistic within the time-scale of FloodFreq. Progress will be monitored continuously to ensure the Action achieves these objectives.

Achievement of the objectives will result from coordination of activities in a scientific network of experts involved in ongoing nationally funded research in universities, research institutes and operational authorities through-out Europe. The Action will promote exchange of knowledge between the participants, and, thus, FloodFreq will provide a European perspective on flood frequency estimation techniques that would not otherwise have been achieved. COST instruments such as Working Groups, Workshops/Seminars, Training Schools and Short Term Scientific Missions will be used to facilitate the cooperation between researchers to ensure the objectives will be achieved.

The shared management of the Action and the activities within the scientific Working Groups will result in shared ownership of the results. This sense of ownership will be further enhanced through sharing of open source code between all project participants (and eventually the whole scientific community), and will ensure continued engagement of participants through-out the duration of the Action. Results of comparisons and evaluations, and guidance on methods and their predictive power (including uncertainties) will be made public through scientific publications, web-based information to the scientific community, and the European flood management and engineering consulting community. Guidance for engineering education curricula will be prepared.


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