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Complementarity with other research programmes


European scale flood research projects funded under the EU Framework programme include projects on hydraulic aspects of river basin modelling (RIBAMOD, IMPACT and FLOODSite), mitigation and vulnerability assessments (RIVERLIFE ,MITCH), large scale impacts of climate change (MICE), and flood frequency analysis using historical and paleoflood information (SPHERE). Several FP projects and COST Actions have focused on real-time flood forecasting systems (EFFS, MUSIC, MOSES and FLOODrelief), with some project targeting specific topics such as flash flooding (HYDRATE), or particular geographical regions (FLOODMED).


While these projects include some aspects of hydrological risk assessment, they generally pay little or no attention to detailed flood frequency estimation based on hydrological analysis and modelling. Thus FloodFreq is filling an important gap in the current EU flood research programme, and will be a key-component in ongoing and future EU project addressing whole system modelling of flood hazards.

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