Reasons for the Action


The physical mechanisms responsible for flood generation vary through-out Europe, but do not align with national and administrative borders currently determining the choice of method for flood frequency estimation. In addition, a myriad of methods for flood frequency estimation are available, and often individual institutions and scientists have developed their own particular tools. There is therefore a need for a coordinated European initiative to test the different techniques, and to test their applicability considering the different climatological and geographical conditions, and different levels of data availability. COST is therefore an ideal mechanism for bringing together leading experts from throughout Europe to share experience and data, and to deliver a library of methods to be tested at the European scale.

FloodFreq will make use of high-quality datasets and case studies being developed as part of both national and international research activities. The testing of different methodologies on high-quality benchmark datasets from throughout Europe will provide a unique opportunity to generate knowledge of strengths and, importantly, weaknesses of different approaches.

While the focus of FloodFreq is to make scientific and technological advances, the systematic assessment of methods for flood frequency estimation will constitute a very important contribution to flood risk management in Europe, and thereby have a direct impact on economic and social development throughout large parts of Europe where flooding is a severe problem.

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