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floodsFloods are a shared problem across Europe and in most parts of the world. Globally, flooding is considered as the leading cause of losses from natural hazards. Traditionally, simple and easy to use methods of extreme value statistics have been applied to series of observed events, to describe the statistical properties of flood characteristics and to extrapolate to extreme floods. However, there are various drivers of change, such as climate change, urbanization and river training or changing societal perceptions, which fundamentally challenge the conventional approaches to flood frequency estimation and risk management.

Flood estimates are needed at a wide range of spatial scales from the local to the transnational. A broad range of users and applications require information on flood risk: from the global insurance industry to local scale interactions and societal developments. A wealth of improved statistical models, innovative data analysis methods and process knowledge is available. And there is an increasing recognition that trans-disciplinary approaches are needed to better cope with the problems presented by flooding.

The symposium is the final conference of the COST Action FloodFreq "European Procedures for Flood Frequency Estimation". It aims at:

(1) Presenting the latest developments in flood frequency analysis,

(2) Discussing how change can be incorporated in flood estimation,

(3) Providing a discussion platform on how innovative methods can be transferred to flood risk management,

(4) Exchanging ideas and concepts about the future of flood risk estimation and management.

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