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Advanced Methods for Flood Estimation in a Variable and Changing Environment

Volos, one of the most beautiful Greek towns, is situated between the crystal-clear waters of the Pagasitikos Bay and Pelion "the pride of mountains", and is the capital city of Magnesia, the eastern prefecture of Thessaly re¬gion. It is built at the location of the ancient town of Iolkos, which was the birthplace of Jason, the leader of the Argonautic Expedition. The Pelion Mountain, the summer residence of the twelve Gods of Olympus and the country of the Centaurs, creates picturesque rocky coastline in magnificent bays and it hosts 24 villages of unique architecture.

Volos hosts 12 Departments of the University of Thessaly: 4 Departments of the School of Humanities, 5 of the Polytechnic School, 2 of the School of Geotechnical Sciences and the independent Department of Economic Studies.

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University of Thessaly

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Department of Civil Engineering

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Fax: +30.2421.074169

Volos Information Center

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GREECE, Volos 24 - 26 October 2012
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